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Are you curious about your Rich Neighbour?

We often feel the grass is greener on the other side while that may not be the case at all. A nicer car on the driveway two houses down the street doesn’t tell you everything about the financial situation. At the same time there are neighbours who actually are a lot richer and that is what this blog is about.

We all have a rich neighbour, it might be a friend or family member or really a neighbour. Just like me this rich neighbour is very involved with his financial situation and because of that most likely very wealthy.

This Rich Neighbour:

  • works smart
  • invests regulary
  • lives frugally
  • makes a financial planning
  • enjoys passive income
  • likes to read (check my library! 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed investment advisor, I am not an investment professional. I am also not a tax professional. This site should be regarded for educational and/or entertainment purposes only. Please consult with an investment advisor before investing any of your money. Any transactions I publish are not recommendations to buy or sell any holdings.

5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. RN,

    You’re 100% right about the fact that visible richess don’t tell the full story. Having two expensive cars in front of a villa only means those people spend a lot of stuff on things they don’t really need, whereas a truly rich person might not even own a car.

    Judging by your portfolio, I guess you’re from Holland (ING, Unilever and Ahold)? Looking forward to read more as it’s always interesting to follow new Europeans looking to build a passive income stream.


  2. It’s always a better World Cup when the Red Tornado (Holland) play well. Happy to see you Hollands are as into personal finance as us North Americans 😛

    I used to go away for a summer in a small town in Iowa called Pella. Every April, there is a Festival, they display so many tulips and holland music 😛 it’s used to be a whole town is Dutch, now it’s mixed a little, but they’d still keep a lot of tradition.

  3. Hi RN,

    I like your approach and yes there is always somebody richer than you close by as well as people poorer than you! We are are very good example, 1 block away lives my CEO of my multinational company, he is making close to 20+mioUSD per year, yes he driving Ferraries and other sport cars, but at the same time I have never heard about him form the community.

    So I am happy for him and very happy to work for this great company that pay my salary and give high dividend to many of our FI friends!

    I will spend some time trough your blog to get some tips and advice.

    Cheers, retired at 50

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