Dividend Income: March 2015

With March now behind us I can construct the numbers of the 1st quarter in 2015. Considering the great February month there was bound to be a decline in income. There were ‘just’ three dividend payments this month but this included my biggest holding: Coca Cola.

KO, 239 shares generated €72,48 in dividend
O, 37 shares generated  €6.42 in dividend
VTI, 7 shares generated €3.28 in dividend

Thanks in large to Coca Cola this month total dividend came to €82,-, this brings the total for Q1 to €286,- which is a 66% increase comparing to 2014!

Dividend Expense Coverage: 9%

Like every month I consider this number to be the most important, how much of my expenses was covered by Dividend Income? Even though the income was a bit low in March I compensated this by very low expenses as well! With no extra bills or excessive spending I just spent €914,-. 9% of this is covered by dividend income. This is just about the total average for the 1st quarter which stands at 8.5% Dividend Expense Coverage.

Blogposts: 25%

Exactly on schedule as this post is the 25th of 2015 which brings me 25% towards my goal. It should have been a bit better as March was both a slow month for me in the stock market it also gave me less inspiration to write finance.

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