These goals will be this year’s target, in the end it is my goal to have all expenses covered by dividend income. But the first step will be to build a €100K portfolio. The first 100 thousands is where the snowball starts working for you, this was stated by Charly Munger:

“The first $100,000 is a b*tch, but you gotta do it.”.

Once this snowball is big enough the actual size is not the most important aspect anymore, it is all about dividend income.

Goals 2014:

  • Receive €1,000 in dividend income Failed!
  • Build portfolio up to 33,000 euro Achieved!

Goals 2015 (explanation)

  • Dividend Expense Ratio of 10%
  • €1,200 Dividend Income (50% increase YoY)
  • 100 Money Blogposts

Goals 2016

  • Dividend Expense Ratio of 15%
  • €1,700 Dividend Income (42% increase YoY)

Goals 2017

  • Dividend Expense Ratio of 18%
  • €2,200 Dividend Income (29% increase YoY)

Goals 2018

  • Dividend Expense Ratio of 22%
  • €2,600 Dividend Income (18% increase YoY)

Goals 2019:

  • Dividend Expense Ratio of 25%
  • €3,000 Dividend Income (15% increase YoY)
  • €100.000 portfolio

6 thoughts on “Goals”

      1. Maybe you’re right, I am going to add more goals here anyway as the portfolio value is not really that important. You also have to consider 1 or 2 years stocks dropping by 10-20% by the way.
        Thanks for your comment Jeff!

        Rich regards!

  1. Steady consistent goals – I have no doubt you’ll hit them, especially given the likelihood of dividend growth and the reinvestment of dividends, which will do most of the work each year. Averaging 10% raises and direct reinvestment will take $2,000 in dividends to $2,260 without adding a dime of capital.

    Be reasonable with your goals – but also push. Picking up the extra $200 of dividends each year won’t take too much capital on top of the snowball you’ve already created.

  2. Hi W2R!

    Do you think using 10% dividend growth is realistic? I have used 6% in my calculations. I think that is fair as companies like HCP, O, GSK dont have big raises’and also MCD and JNJ just raised the div 5% and 6%… Which calculators do you use?

    When I use 3% dividend, 6% growth and €500 monthly additions I am just short of 100K in 2019

    Thanks for thinking along!


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