Dividend Income: February 2015

There seems to be little news that can stop the market these days from going up and up. The value of my portfolio increased 6.2% without any additional purchases! February was the first month since 2013 that I made no additional purchases in my portfolio. There was not one specific reason that kept me away of making a purchase. Maybe a few little reasons together like the fact the market is getting cheaper, the month February turning out a expensive and I have an extra motivation to save cash. Continue reading Dividend Income: February 2015

Scared by All Time Highs?

Today was the first day that all my positions are up in value since I bought them (exluding dividends). Even my worst performer so far, IBM, is now up. However this is in EURO’s, the strengthening of the USD versus the EURO has compensated the drop of the IBM stock price completely. Other stocks have been up over 30% since I bought them just two years ago. Continue reading Scared by All Time Highs?