Time Flies!

Wow, time flies!
Even though I was away, I did not completely stop investing 🙂

Here is a quicky update on some new positions and additions from the last months:

  • June 17: BUY Disney (DIS) @ $111
  • June 6: ADD to Johnson&Johnson (JNJ) @ $98.56
  • May 28: BUY Hershey (HSY) @ $93.50
  • April 30: BUY Vanguard Information Technology (VGT) @ $108
  • April 13: ADD to NVIDIA @ $22.50

Disney and Hershey were no cheap buys but I have no doubt I will be pleased looking back to this purchase in a couple of years.

JNJ and Nvidia are what I consider to be fairly valued. The VGT etf is difficult to examine. However I was focused on getting some more tech exposure withouth betting on one horse. The biggest positions in the VGT ETF are Google and Apple which seems to be a safe bet for the long term.

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