Up 86% in 12 months – Should I Sell?

Buy High, Sell Higher? When I made a purchase of Nvidia stock last year I was under the assumption my timing was far from great. I figured the stock price had gone up quite a bit allready and I was buying at fair value at least and probably at a bit overpriced stockprice.

However because I had money to invest and wanted to get started owning a small piece of this amazing company I decided to start small. I doubled my investment a month later and was happy with my small stake.

However now about 1 year later the price of the stock has gone up 86%! I was expecting great returns in the long run but not within 1 year. It is a good thing I did not sell after the stock had gone up 50% since my purchase in oktober last year, however what should I do now? Of course I still like the company and the fundamentals, however I now consider this stock definately overvalued. What do you think?

P.S.  I know investors who like to sell after 20% gains, good thing that’s not like me 🙂

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